Barracuda Football Booster Club


The program philosophy will be an organization that will be made up of people who have great work ethics, strong values, and excellent people skills. We will be committed to doing what is right and providing leadership for young men.  We will believe in the team motto:  Togetherness, enthusiasm, attitude, mental togetherness.  Everyone will put their ego aside and put the T.E.A.M ahead of anything else.  Moral values and character will be the foundation of this program.  This is a
people business and we will be willing to work and get along with all types of individuals.  This will maximize our performance.  As coaches we will be held accountable for our actions and performances. We will be experts at coaching our position.  There will be a standard developed in which we will be perceived as being professionals. We will be thorough.

The coach player relationship will be very important.  Coaches will be responsible for their position players.  Their players must be prepared to perform in the classroom as well as on the field.  We will recognize the uniqueness of players and know how to motivate them.  We will make efforts to show genuine concern and care for all of our players.


The coaching staff will be made of the best people and coaches for the job.  Every coach has a specific job to do in this
organization, and each must do his job to the best of his ability.  They will be provided with everything they need to get the job done.  They must treat everyone within the organization and the program community with dignity.  They must enforce WE win as a T.E.A.M. and WE lose as a T.E.A.M.  There are no fragments in a T.E.A.M.  They will be innovative, always looking forward to improving themselves and the T.E.A.M.  The coaches will be expected to coach with encouragement to all players regardless of position.  The staff will be at its best and rely on each other.  They will be family men where family comes first. They will also be loyal to the program. They will be charged with the duty to help all our student athletes
become better students, players and citizens. They will be ordinary men who will do extraordinary deeds. 


The mission for academics will be a very simple one.  There will be a demanding challenge for every student to be a STUDENT-ATHLETE.  This will allow him a sense of purpose of why he is in school and that is to get a diploma.  Any successful program must have athletes who want to win a championship. We can’t afford to lose athletes out of our program.  There is a must for an academic support team.  Their commitment must be to the athletes and the program.  Class attendance and grades will be monitored. The monitoring will take place every two (2) weeks of each nine weeks
and reported to Coach Hubbard.  This will be discussed with the player to let him know how he is doing in the classroom.  There also needs to be a tutoring service in place to provide the student-athlete with help.  The academic support staff will also check to make sure that the student-athlete is on track to graduate.  There will be a summer school program in
place for the student-athlete to catch up or get ahead.  The ultimate goal and focus is to increase the graduation rate.  The combination of academics and athletics is a great selling point for our program.


The word discipline comes from the root word “Disciple” which means to follow.  Young people want discipline and we must be willing to give it to them.  This is a process that starts when they are young.  There needs to be a system in place for them to follow.  The one thing that will be echoed throughout our program will be, “always do the right things”.  The decision has to be made to do what is best for the athletes. Discipline is not something that you do to someone but what you do for them.  Once that is established there will be an understanding between players and coaches that will allow for a
better relationship.  There will never be a time where the program is compromised for lack of discipline.  Some type of disciplinary action must be taken if the rules are not followed.  To be a disciplinarian we must coach the complete student-athlete, this will be carried over from the class to the community and finally to the field.  This must be stressed throughout the program from everyone involved with it.  This also means that our coaching staff must be disciplined to lead by example not by words.  We will all practice to always do the right thing.  We will communicate openly with the players.