Barracuda Football Booster Club

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March 27, 2019 – 7PM – Lecture Hall – NSB High School


* Call to Order

* Attendance/Roll Call

* Approval of Minutes

* Financial Report

* Attendees Open Floor

* Open Discussion

* Officers/Member Reports 

       Member Report

* New Business
.      Inshore Classic
      Youth Camp – Pettis Park
      Mandatory Parent Meeting
      Bench Blast
      Car Raffle
      Coaching Staff
      Incoming Players

* Old Business

      2019 Golf Tournament
      2019 Inshore Classic
      Recap of Committee Leads
      2019 Player Fees ($350 vs $400)

* Adjournment

Attendees: Catherine McCoy, Mike Sanford, Holly Sanford, Jodie Stratton, Travis Stratton, Nicole Camilli, John Wilkinson, Maura Wilkinson, Jessica Moore, Ed Kemp, Debbie Kemp, Cliff Palmer, Allison Sharpe, Sally Jowers, Rocky Jowers

Motion to approve previous meeting minutes: Board President Catherine McCoy asked for a motion to accept meeting minutes from the March 27, 2019 Barracuda Booster Club Meeting.

Motion 1st: Debbie Kemp
Motion 2nd: Nicole Camilli
All in favor: attendees approved. Opposed: null

Motion to accept Financial report: Board President Catherine McCoy asked for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report from the March 27, 2019 Barracuda Booster Club Meeting.
Motion 1st: Debbie Kemp
Motion 2nd: John Wilkinson
All in favor: attendees approved. Opposed: null

Attendees Open Floor – Open Discussion

Officer Reports:

President – Board President Catherine McCoy stated that she had researched the ‘car raffle’ and feels as if the Club was not currently in position to hold a raffle. The Booster Club will revisit the idea next year.

New Business

 2019 Inshore Classic – Mike Sanford state that this year’s inshore fishing tournament will operate as a ‘catch and release’. Mr. Sanford and Coach Wilkinson will work together as Committee Leads and Travis Stratton will also assist. Mr. Sanford will get specifics regarding rules and regulations and equipment needed for the ‘catch and release’ photos, etc. Further discussion ensued regarding sponsors and sponsorship levels.

 Pettis Park Youth Camp – Tentative Saturday June 22nd
Mrs. McCoy advised the those in attendance that she had been in contact with Kimla Shelton at the Parks & Recs Department. Ms. Shelton recommended holding camp on a Saturday and offering free food. Mr. Shelton will try and have park rental fees waived however; the Booster Club must maintain a $1M policy for that days’ event. Mrs. McCoy suggested the Booster Club look into having policies in place for Inshore Classic and any other large event. Further discussion with decision that the actual camp will be from 10AM-Noon and then lunch to kids who participate and community members that stop by. Clean up and wrap up by 2PM. Catherine McCoy to post a public ad in Pennysaver one week prior to event and put together flyers for distribution throughout the community.

 Mandatory Parent Meeting
Discussion regarding mandatory parent meeting and the continued lack of parent support. Meeting set for August 14th at 6PM. Flyers will be put together and Coach Wilk will distribute amongst the players. Mrs. McCoy will post on all Social Media accounts.

 Bench Blast
Mrs. McCoy confirmed that this years’ ‘lift-a-thon’ will be held on May 8th at 5PM – CrossFit IXW in Edgewater. (next to Hungry Howie’s Pizza)

 Coaching Staff
Mrs. McCoy stated that Mr. Fuller confirmed that coaching supplements for all assistant coaches will go through the school. In addition, Mr. Fuller confirmed that there will be no concession fee charges to the Booster Club this season.

 Incoming Players
Flyers for incoming players will be put together for Coach Wilkinson to distribute at the Middle School.

Old Business
 2019 Golf Tournament
Coach John Wilkinson and Vice-President Mike Sanford will work together on the golf tournament. Coach Wilk stated that he will work with Hidden Lakes regarding venue and set up. Further updates to be provided as the become available.

 2019 Inshore Classic
Mr. Sanford stated that he will work on reviewing rules and regulations and equipment needed for ‘catch and release’ photos. Coach Wilk stated that Jay at Fishing Store confirmed June 1st as a good date to hold event.

 Recap of Committee Leads
Mrs. McCoy reviewed committee leads by reminding Nicole Camilli that she is head of Cuda Discount Cards. Mrs. McCoy will provide Nicole with last year’s information and work along Nicole to get her acclimated with the process. Coach Wilk stated that he will reach out to Chik-Fil-A. Jodie Stratton will handle the donations for JV Feedings. Mrs. McCoy asked for another volunteer to assist Jodie on Thursday afternoons. Various parents in attendance will check their calendars to see if they are free on Thursday afternoons from 3PM – 3:30PM. Mrs. McCoy will continue has committee lead on Varsity Feedings and continue to work with Greg over at Beef O’ Brady’s. Coach Wilkinson informed the Board that the HUDL Campaign will begin in early June. Mike Sanford suggested having $25.00 printed on Cuda Cards and sell for $20.00. This will be discussed again once we move closer to that fundraising date. Mrs. McCoy will head the Barracuda Bingo at Beef O’ Brady’s and will be purchasing supplies to get started. Mrs, McCoy will also advertise in Hometown News and Pennysaver prior to the event.

The meeting adjourned at 7:05PM
Respectfully submitted by Catherine McCoy for Jodie Stratton, Board Secretary