Barracuda Football Booster Club



I.       Philosophy

II.      Player Policy Manual

III.     Accountability Statement 

IV.     Player Image

V.      Training Rules and Regulations

VI.     Dress Policy and Practice

VII.    Substance Abuse Program

VIII.   Game Day Equipment

IX.     Locker Room Rules

X.      Laundry System

XI.     Player Media Policy

XII.    Study Hall and Classroom Conduct



The program philosophy will be an organization that will be made up of people who have great work ethics, strong values, and excellent people skills.  We will be committed to doing what is right and providing leadership for young men. We will believe in the team motto: Togetherness, enthusiasm, attitude, mental togetherness.  Everyone will put their ego aside and put the T.E.A.M ahead of anything else.  Moral values and character will be the foundation of this program.  This is a people business and we will be willing to work and get along with all types of individuals.  This will maximize our performance.  As coaches we will be held accountable for our actions and performances.  We will be experts at coaching our position.  There will be a standard developed in which we will be perceived as being professionals.  We will be thorough.

The coach player relationship will be very important.  Coaches will be responsible for their position players.  Their players must be prepared to perform in the classroom as well as on the field.  We will recognize the uniqueness of players and know how to motivate them.  We will make efforts to show genuine concern and care for all of our players.


The coaching staff will be made of the best people and coaches for the job.  Every coach has a specific job to do in this organization, and each must do his job to the best of his ability.  They will be provided with everything they need to get the job done.  They must treat everyone within the organization and the program community with dignity.  They must enforce WE win as a T.E.A.M. and WE lose as a T.E.A.M.  There are no fragments in a T.E.A.M.  They will be innovative, always looking forward to improving themselves and the T.E.A.M.  The coaches will be expected to coach with encouragement to all players regardless of position.  The staff will be at its best and rely on each other.  They will be family men where family comes first. 
They will also be loyal to the program. They will be charged with the duty to help all our student athletes become better students, players and citizens. They will be ordinary men who will do extraordinary deeds. 


The mission for academics will be a very simple one.  There will be a demanding challenge for every student to be a STUDENT-ATHLETE.  This will allow him a sense of purpose of why he is in school and that is to get a diploma.  Any successful program must have athletes who want to win a championship. We can’t afford to lose athletes out of our program.  There is a must for an academic support team.  Their commitment must be to the athletes and the program.  Class attendance and grades will be monitored. The monitoring will take place every two (2) weeks of each nine weeks and reported to Coach Hubbard.  This will be discussed with the player to let him know how he is doing in the classroom.  There also needs to be a
tutoring service in place to provide the student-athlete with help.  The academic support staff will also check to make sure that the student-athlete is on track to graduate.  There will be a summer school program in place for the student-athlete to catch up or get ahead.  The ultimate goal and focus is to increase the graduation rate.  The combination of academics and athletics is a great selling point for our program. 


The word discipline comes from the root word “Disciple” which means to follow.  Young people want discipline and we must be
willing to give it to them.  This is a process that starts when they are young. There needs to be a system in place for them to follow.  The one thing that will be echoed throughout our program will be, “always do the right things”.  The decision has to be made to do what is best for the athletes.  Discipline is not something that you do to someone but what you do for them.  Once that is established there will be an understanding between players and coaches that will allow for a better relationship.  There will never be a time where the program is compromised for lack of discipline.  Some type of disciplinary action must be
taken if the rules are not followed.  To be a disciplinarian we must coach the complete student-athlete, this will be carried over from the class to the community and finally to the field.  This must be stressed throughout the program from everyone involved with it.  This also means that our coaching staff must be disciplined to lead by example not by words.  We will all practice to always do the right thing.  We will communicate openly with the players.


This program will be built upon solid values and a strong and focused work ethic.  Everyone within the program will be treated with fairness and dignity.  We will demand a lot, but with that demanding style, we will achieve greatness. 

Everything we do will revolve around the T.E.A.M., concept.  If everyone puts their private agendas and egos aside, the T.E.A.M. concept will thrive and translate into successful seasons.  Any player not willing to buy into the T.E.AM., concept will not be worthy to wear the Red and Black or have the privilege of representing New Smyrna Beach High School.  They will not be allowed to be a part of the dream. 

Winning will be the end result.  Win in the classroom and win on the field.  Winning does not happen by accident or without a detailed plan that fits the program.  We will win through preparation along with physical and mental toughness. 



1. To consistently improve!  Every meeting, every practice, every play, every quarter, every game, every day strive for excellence!

2. Overcome all odds.  Display strength, confidence in what we believe in.  To demonstrate T.E.A.M.
    (Togetherness, Enthusiasm, Attitude, and Mental toughness).

3. To play hard, give greater effort, display greater poise, and preparation than our opponents.  To play one play at a time as hard as   you can for forty-eight (48) minutes. 

4. To physically win every game.  Out hit the opponents each week. 

5. Be a very good team in September, a great team in October and an excellent team in November and December will come!

6. FOCUS!!

7. WIN!!!!!!


1. Play solid defense.  Prevent the big play.  Force turnovers.  Be tough in the red zone and on the goal line.

2. Win on special teams.  Score on special teams.  Create turnovers.

3. Dominate on offense.  Win the battle in the trenches.  No turnovers. Create big plays.  Balance the run with the pass.  Score touchdowns in the red zone and on the goal line. 

4. No critical down penalties.  Be the least penalized team in the high school community.

5. Win the physical battle.  Take the game to the opposition.

6. Play with pride, play with poise, and play with confidence.


1. To be treated with fairness and honesty

2. To be treated as a man

3. To provide the leadership and training necessary to achieve our goals

4. To work you harder than you have ever been worked before

5. To be loyal to you!

6. To do what is best for the T.E.A.M.

7. To assist you in any way during your high school career and after you graduate

8. To constantly research ways to make you and the program better.

9. To DEMAND that you ALWAYS give your best!


The reason that we WORK is to “Earn the right to Win”.  When game day arrives we “Expect to Win!” You will notice that often “practice” will be referred to as WORK.  Don’t be mistaken:  At New Smyrna Beach High, we will WORK football. 


1. Think of winning each time you leave the locker room.

2. “One at a time”.  One meeting, one drill, one play, one practice, one day at a time.

3. Helmets on, mouthpieces in at all times.

4. The work/game field is a place of action, not discussion.  Take pride in your work, your appearance, and how others see you.

5. Run from drill to drill.

6. The game is played on your feet, not on the ground.

7. Your position coach is responsible for you.  Respect that responsibility and act accordingly.

8. Treat game officials with respect.  Team captains are the only players who will speak to them.

9. Talk between players of the opposite teams is an unnecessary waste of energy.  Play hard, Play clean, focus on the game not
the argument.

10. Show poise and determination at all times. Hold your head high.  Do not get discouraged.  Never let the opponent see you rattled or disorganized.

11. Situation football means substitutions. Organization is the key. Leave the field only when someone reports for you and tells you that you are out. Know the various personnel signals. If you are stunned, make every attempt to stay on the field, and wait for the official’s time-out.


· He has a burning, almost uncontrollable desire to win.

· He has the guts to prepare for victory, realizing that the WILL TO WIN, is not so important as THE WILL TO PREPARE TO WIN! 

· He has the willingness to prepare everyday. 

· He is a T.E.A.M. player and delights in the T.E.A.M. victory.

· He loves to run, tackle, and block- football’s three most fundamental actions.  He has great contact speed.

· In a game, he dominates his opponents.

· He is more relentless, better conditioned, retains greater poise and takes better advantage of the breaks than the man whom he is playing.

· He works on his weaknesses and through persistence, turns those weaknesses into new strengths.

· He strives for a better position on the squad.  He accepts his current position and role, but is NEVER satisfied.  He is constantly striving to improve. 

· He never quits, never admits defeat and plays every play as if it is the last one he will ever play.

· He learns his assignments flawlessly.  He is committed to working football.

· He totally accepts coaching.  He is coach-able in every aspect of the game.

· He knows that he must work everyday on the work field if he is to get better

· He must consciously work to contribute to the positive attitude of his T.E.A.M.

· He accepts responsibility for what happens to his T.E.A.M.  He wants to be held accountable for what happens to his T.E.A.M.  He doesn’t point the finger at anyone but himself. 

· He believes what he is doing is important.

· He believes in his teammates and coaches, and feels that they too are something special. 

· He believes that as a T.E.A.M., we will find a way to win.  He expects this to happen and accepts nothing less.   


To build a T.E.A.M. in the true
sense of the word to work, sweat, and bleed as ONE! We will eliminate all
distractions and focus all energies on gaining an advantage on our
opponents.  Each team in the country has
exactly the same amount of time to prepare for week one.  We must optimize and effectively utilize our


1. To take advantage of each work opportunity, to improve as an individual and as a T.E.A.M. 

2. To become the most physical and best conditioned T.E.A.M. in the country.

3. To develop and display physical and mental toughness.

4. To become a highly disciplined football T.E.A.M., to eliminate mental errors, to minimize penalties.

5. To develop “Big Play” capability on Special T.E.A.M.s, defense and offense.


1. The lessons you learn on the football field will stay with you once your football career is over.

2. Personal pride is the key to individual success.  With 60 players who have great personal pride we will have a great T.E.A.M.  Take pride in what you do and work on your weaknesses.

3. We will have a great football program.  We will be disciplined and work on limiting penalties.  Focus on making the play.

4. We want players who with their heart and mind will focus on the entire game week after week.











1.  This is a T.E.A.M. game and we all must be committed to the T.E.A.M. concept.  In our program, T.E.A.M. will be defined as follows:




                         Mental Toughness

2.  You are expected to be the best that you can be in all areas.  This includes being the finest student, citizen and football player you are capable of being.

3.  Think before you act in all interactions.  Ask yourself, “Am I doing the right thing?”  Have pride in what you do as your signature is on everything you do. 

4.  Be a problem solver not an excuse maker. “Excuses are tools of the incompetent, they build monuments of nothingness.  Those who specialize in their uses, seldom amount to anything else.”

5.  Attend all classes with the intent to learn.  Participate.  Be visible.

6.  Be punctual for all appointments- academic, football and administrative.  Notify the appropriate people as soon as possible if you are running late or must cancel. 

7.  Loyalty is of the utmost importance.  Be loyal to your family, NSB High School, your teammates, and your coaches.

8.  Maintain a positive attitude.  The attitude you bring will have a profound influence on the quality of everything you do.

9.  Be a winner on and off the field.

10. We are not looking for extraordinary men to do ordinary deeds; we are looking for ordinary men to do extraordinary deeds.


You have an obligation to your family, school, coaches, teammates, and most importantly, to yourself to project an image compatible with your position in life.  Presently, that person includes being a student-athlete at New Smyrna Beach High School.  Several points should be considered when projecting the kind of image deemed proper for a student-athlete.  The following items are given to you as
helpful reminders, having taken into consideration the fact that no two people are exactly alike. 


This is one area of extreme importance since the first impression is often the lasting impression. 

A. Players should have the attitude that appearance is important to you. People will tend to judge certain aspects based on your appearance.  Take great pride in your appearance.  If you don’t I WILL.

B. No jewelry is to be worn at any practice sessions.  High school rules prohibit the wearing of jewelry in a football game.

C. Dress should be dictated by the activity you are involved in.  (Jeans are okay for class and picnics, but not for business.)  Once again, take pride in how you dress.

Mannerisms on and off the field: 

A good rule to abide by in this area is; never do anything that will be embarrassing to your family, school, teammates, coaches and most of all YOU.  Being an individual who is in the public eye for the majority of the year, you should always have that in mind.  Learn to be humble winners and grudging, but gracious losers. If you have any questions as to whether or not you are portraying an image becoming of an NSBHS football player, someone from our football or athletic department will consult with you.


A. Students- They are with you everyday.  Remember, you are a member of the student body.  Don’t expect to receive anything that is not made available to every student.

B. Faculty and Administrators- Respect these people.  Get to know the faculty and administrators.

C. Alumni and Friends of the School- Win, Lose, or Draw, always have a smile for these people.

D. Community- You will have many opportunities to serve the community by working with young people in the elementary and junior high schools.  As well as, organizations like the local youth leagues.  Lectures on drug abuse and academic achievement have been popular with boys and girls in area schools. 

Rules:  Always be aware of your image as a New Smyrna Beach High football player.  Do not distort embarrass or challenge the image that we need to maintain, as a first class football program.  You are expected to observe the guidelines, which are provided for each area of student life.


The following is a list of rules and regulations for your football T.E.A.M.  Keep in mind that you are the most visible representative of NSBHS.  Your actions will reflect either positively or negatively on you, your family, this school, and our football T.E.A.M.  Your actions have both immediate and long-range effects upon our program.  The rules that are listed below are for everyone, regardless of your position on the depth chart.  The rules are listed in two categories. 

A. Conduct that is detrimental to the football T.E.A.M. and program.

B. Conduct that violates T.E.A.M. discipline code.


A. Deliberate and repeated violations of squad policies, rules, and regulations, e.g. missing class, study hall, tutoring sessions, practice.

B. Use of non-prescription drugs and anabolic steroids

C. Stealing- including equipment from NSBHS

D. Gambling- as related to athletic contests

E. Purposely damaging property- athletic or campus property, at any time

F. Drinking alcoholic or intoxicating beverages

G. Unexcused absences from work (practice), any group or T.E.A.M. meeting

H. Getting arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony

I. Being convicted of a felony you will be removed from the T.E.A.M.

J. Embarrassing the program due to inappropriate behavior. 


Violations of the above rules and regulations could result in either of the following:

1. T.E.A.M. suspension- not permitted to play in game(s).

2. Dismissal from T.E.A.M.

3. ALL to the discretion of Coach Hubbard


A. Late for practice/meeting/T.E.A.M. trips/appointments/study hall -abuse, including missing class or not performing on the field, will

    result in individual privileges being revoked

B. Missing training room treatment sessions or doctor’s appointments

C. Bringing firearms or weapons on campus

D. Class cut    -missing class will NOT be tolerated

E. Missing study hall/tutoring sessions

F. Gambling of any sort for money.


Violations of the above rules and regulations could result in either of the following:

1. See Coach Hubbard

2. Repeated violations can lead to “Opportunities for Self Improvement”, suspension, and/or dismissal from the T.E.A.M.

The ultimate value from these rules comes not from obeying them for the “rules sake”, but from learning to obey them because it is the right thing to do. Self-discipline, self –sacrifice, and self-denial so that we can do everything possible to help us realize our absolute outer limits as an individual and as a T.E.A.M. In return, helping us to be the best we can be as individuals and as a


Wear only what is issued to you from the equipment room. Basic rule:  We have one uniform; everyone is dressed in that uniform.

1. Practice in full pads.  Everyone will wear the following:  mouthpieces, kneepads, thigh pads, shoulder pads, headgear, numbered football jersey, football pants, 5 pocket girdle and football shoes with cleats (flat bottoms are permitted inside).  It is recommended that you wear knee braces for all practices (if available).

2. Practice in shoulder pads.  Everyone will wear the following:  mouthpieces, 5 pocket girdle, shoulder pads, headgear, numbered football jersey; T.E.A.M. shorts/sweat bottoms and football shoes with cleats (flat bottoms are permitted inside).  It is recommended that you wear knee braces for all practices (if available).

3. Practice in shorts.  Everyone will wear the following:  mouthpieces, 5 pocket girdle, headgear (depending on workout this will be announced), numbered football jersey (or team issued top), T.E.A.M. shorts/sweat bottoms, football shoes with cleats (flat bottoms are permitted inside).  It is recommended that you wear knee braces for all practices (if available).

4. Should fighting ever occur on the work field, it must be confined to a 1 on 1 confrontation and will be handled by the coaches only.  It is the responsibility of all other players to move away from the fight immediately and make no comment about the situation.

5. Every practice:  ankles taped, wrapped or braced by a member of the sports medicine staff.  ABSOLUTELY NO SPATTING OF THE SHOES IS PERMITTED.


1. Everyday:  everyone weigh in before and after practice.  Once a week the trainer will weigh all players before practice.  When weighing wear only a pair of shorts. 

2. Everyday:  announcements, practice schedule, special teams, depth chart, etc. will be posted on bulletin boards outside the locker
room. Check this board daily. 

3. Everyone: will be on time for all meetings and practices. Report to all meetings with note pad and pencil or pen.

4. NO ONE:  will be excused from work by anyone except Coach Hubbard.

5. All injured Players are expected to attend all meetings and be on the field for observation
and/or conditioning work, unless specifically designated to training for treatment by sports medicine staff.  The sports medicine/ strength staff will coordinate an “injured conditioning program”.

6. All injured players are expected to be on time for all treatment sessions and to stay for the entire prescribed time of treatment. 

7. All injured players will wear uniform of the day including headgear, with designated injury jersey pulled completely on unless otherwise instructed by sports medicine staff.

8. Everyone will control your language on the field, locker room, training room, equipment room, meeting room, and Weight room, etc. 

9. Headgear will be worn at all times, with chin straps buckled unless otherwise told by coaches.   Do not put headgear on the ground, EVER!

10. Tempo on all drills is full speed unless told otherwise by the coaches.

11. Everyone will be in conformity with our hygiene regulations. This is to insure cleanliness and reduction of the likely hood of bacteria growth in and around the facilities.

12. No jewelry of any sort can be worn in practice or in games.  Be in uniform.  

13. Be proud of our football facilities, take special care of them.

14. In the event of practice delays caused by weather or uncontrollable circumstances, everyone will stay in the dress of the day until otherwise instructed.

15. On the field any discussion about differences of opinions will occur in the coaches’ offices after practice.

16. Everyone will be successful if he does the absolute very best that he can do at all times.  Be totally focused on football, both in the
meeting room and on the field. 

17. It is your responsibility to be coach-able, accept coaching and do it right-the way our coaches are teaching it. 

18. Do it right, do it hard and physical, full speed or do it again.

19. Finally, we will expect to win, every time we play.  This is our only plan.  Play as a T.E.A.M. and play to win- every time.


It is necessary to establish some basic guidelines regarding those who practice, those who start games, those who play games, and those who will dress out in games.

1. Unexcused absences from work (practice):  If a player has an unexcused absence from work during “game week” he will not start in the upcoming football game.  His status will be evaluated by the head coach to determine if he will dress out and play in the game. 

2. Injury Policy:  if a player is injured, upon his return to action, he will be given an immediate opportunity to compete for his previous
position on the depth chart.

3. Injury – missing practice during game week:

a. If a player does not practice on 1 DAY of “game week” the head coach will make the decision as to whether that player will dress out for the upcoming game.

b. If a player misses practice on 2 DAYS of “game week” he will not play in the game on Friday.  

c. If a player practices on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but misses Thursday, the head coach will evaluate the situation and determine he will play.  

d. ULTIMATELY it will be left to the discretion of the coaching staff based on knowledge of individual situations as to when a player does or not dress/play in a game.

1. The above state guidelines are for unexcused absences from work. Coach Hubbard is the only person who will determine if an absence is excused or not.

2. Player who leaves the T.E.A.M. but is allowed to return:

a. that player will return under the conditions set up by the head coach. These will be appropriate to fit the situation (Head Coach’s
discretion).  Any such player will return at the bottom of the depth chart and be subjected to appropriate disciplinary measures set by the coach.


Winning on the road is a challenging task. However, we can use this experience to our advantage provided the concept of unity, “circling the wagons” is understood by ALL! Playing on the road requires focus.  The objective of the trip is to WIN!  Thus traveling
off campus is to be regarded as a business trip- nothing less.  As representatives of NSBHS Football our appearance will be sharp, our frame of mind will be serious, reflective and poised at all times. 

DRESS AWAY:  casual

DRESS HOME: casual

Game Day:  Away When traveling to and from stadium, pregame meal- dress will be casual, but neat.  A game day meal other than pregame is casual but neat.


*Dress code substitutions may be imposed for bus trips.


Travel menu meals as well as snacks will be determined with maximum performance in mind.  Quality as well as quantity will be
considered.  There is no need to purchase snack food at any time during T.E.A.M. travel. 


Atmosphere - A confident, controlled business like atmosphere is our intent.  Be respectful of each other; don’t disturb a teammate’s focus. 

Entertainment MP3 players and other musical devices are acceptable.  Travel light.  Remember to review the following when traveling: 

1. Check/pack all your gear- you are responsible for this.

2. Be prompt (early).  If I say 12:00p.m. I mean 11:45a.m.

3. Know the itinerary –anticipate the next function and be ready to M.T.A. (make the adjustment)

4. Be courteous to bus line, airline, and hotel personnel.

5. Friday is “Game Day” the competitors/ gamers will stand up and be counted!  Be poised and serious- quiet for pregame meal, bus travel to game site and pregame locker room. 

6. All players will return with the T.E.A.M. to NSBHS.  You are our responsibility! DO NOT ASK, YOU WILL BE TOLD NO.


We will travel with every healthy player per road trip.  The travel squad will be decided on Wednesday or Thursday preceding the week’s game.  The following guidelines will be followed for home games :

a. Dressing out for home games is a privilege; we do not automatically dress everyone out. 

b. Each positional coach determines who dresses out each week.

c. Positional coaches will base decisions on the week’s practice performance.



The New Smyrna Beach High sports medicine staff represents an integral part of our football program.  The mission of the sports medicine staff is to provide the athletes with access to the highest quality patient care and the most current health and injury prevention information.  Each player is expected to treat the athletic training room and its professional staff with the utmost respect and dignity. A vital part of our organization and subsequently our success begins with the ability of our players to follow instructions closely, understand the importance of being on time (early) for appointments and strictly follow policy guidelines.  The football athletic
training room is under the supervision of the Head Athletic Trainer.  All policies of our discipline program apply to the athletic training room, as well as any scheduled medical appointments on or off campus.


1. Report all injuries (whether athletically related or not) and sickness to the athletic trainers as soon as possible.  Athletes must report in person to the head athletic trainer, or the assistant athletic trainer.  The head trainers, under the supervision of the team physician, will then refer, authorize or make any necessary appointments for injured or ill athletes.

2. Injury or illness occurring after normal practice or meeting hours.

a. during the preseason, an athletic trainer will be available at any time to respond to an emergency

b. player’s notebook will contain emergency phone numbers

c. once preseason camp ends, late night illness or injuries are subject to emergency procedures.  The head trainer should be notified
immediately of an injury and/or changes in current injury symptoms.

3. Training room hours:

a.  Preseason - TBA           

b.  In season - TBA

       -12:30 pm to practice

       -post practice

c.  The department of sports medicine motto is that the medical staff is here to work with injured players, not on them. Furthermore, the department of sports medicine will provide tools for an athlete to recover from an injury.  It will be the athlete’s responsibility to provide the effort and motivation to recover from an injury.

d.  Anyone not reporting for athletic training room appointments are subject to disciplinary actions to be determined by Coach

e. The head athletic trainer, in conjunction with the team physicians, will decide when an athlete is allowed to return to activities.

f.  Report all injuries to the athletic training room after workout, practices or games or before showering.

g. The training room is a place of business, not a place to loiter or fraternize.

h. No food or drinks are allowed in the athletic training room, rehabilitation and hydrotherapy rooms. 

i.  No dipping or chewing of tobacco products is allowed in any of the facilities.



The abuse and misuse of drugs and alcohol is a major problem for all segments of contemporary American society.  Student
athletes aren’t necessarily more likely to abuse chemical substances.  However, student athletes occupy a special position in the high school community. They must maintain a high degree of physical fitness and alertness to perform to the best of their capabilities in their athletic endeavors.  They must adhere rigorously to the highest standards of ethical behavior in their chosen sports.  Also, they must be prepared to be viewed as role models by their peers.

These and other demands placed upon you as a student athlete by the high school community make it essential that you exist in a drug free environment.  Remember that the intent and purpose of this substance abuse program is NOT punitive, it is educational and preventive.  It is designed to insure that you remain drug free, so that you may continue as a student athlete at NSBHS and benefit from the mental and physical health associated with participation in high school athletics With the twin goals of a drug free  environment and responsible behavior with NO alcohol use in mind, the football staff at NSBHS has developed the following program of education.


In programs conducted by members of the high school staff and other high school personnel, you will become acquainted with the hazards of both performance enhancing drugs and so called “street” or “illicit” drugs, as well as alcohol.  The purpose of these educational programs is to familiarize you with the scope of the problem and to acquaint you with the facilities and procedures available to you should you experience problems of drug and/or alcohol abuse. They will also provide you with the tools necessary to live a life free from the problems associated with either drug or alcohol abuse. YOU MUST ATTEND THESE EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS IF YOU WISH TO REMAIN A NSBHS FOOTBALL PLAYER.

DRUG MYTHS- the following drug myths and straight answers may help you understand the fallacies many accept about drug use. 

Q.  Don’t you think that an occasional “lift” provided by amphetamines helps a player when he/she is feeling below par?

A.  Following the “lift” there will be a “letdown”.  Usually you then feel worse than you originally were.  Also, there is a tendency to take another dose, or a stronger one, to keep the “lift” longer, leading you well down the road to dependency.

Q.  If I took the right drug before running, I could shave a little off  my normal time, right?

A.  Wrong. Much testing has been done on the subject, and so far, tests have never shown that athletic performance is improved by stimulant or other drugs.

Q.  So if drugs don’t help performance why do they perform drug tests on winners?

A.  For technical reasons, it is usually impractical to test all participants. However, on occasions when all participants have been
tested, it has been found that more losers than winners had taken drugs.  A five year drug testing program conducted in
France under different conditions such as weather, fatigue, etc. showed no improvement in speed or performance while athletes where under the influence of drugs.


Q.  I know that attitude is important to sports success, so wouldn’t being “psyched up” even with the assistance of drugs, help?

A.  Testing done on this topic shows no correlation.  In fact, besides becoming dependent on the drug, studies have shown that players “hopped up” on drugs have a higher injury rate, as they tend to take risks they wouldn’t normally take.

Q.  If athletes think they are doing better, even if they are not, that’s worth something isn’t it?

A.  Well, no, not really.  Their feelings are subjective and not based on fact.  In point of fact, the stopwatch or measuring tape shows they have actually harmed their performance.    


Q.  If “uppers” are only giving you a psychological lift, what are they doing to your body?

A.  “Uppers” increase circulation, which athletes don’t need.  More importantly, they depress the adrenal glands.  These glands are responsive to stress, and, like the athlete’s muscles, they must react quickly and powerfully so that the athlete can do his/her best. Additionally, muscles and nerves stimulated by drugs, don’t’ have their normal reserve capacity to call upon when needed.


Q.  Can I use drugs to put on weight?  I’ve heard that the pros do it?


A.  Anabolic steroids may put weight on theuser.  However, use of these drugs may also decrease your ultimate weight and may also cause liver damage.  Additional studies have shown that most of the weight gain was due to water retention.


Q.  I get tense the night before a game and can’t sleep.  Wouldn’t a pill help so that I am rested for the game?

A.  In general you may find that sedatives are habit forming.  It can become difficult to sleep if you don’t take one. Occasionally, the doctor can prescribe an antihistamine or other drug that diminishes.


Keep out of the equipment room at all times.  If you need help, come to the coaches’ office.  If your problem requires admittance to the equipment room, you will be invited in.

Keep your locker locked at all times.  Keep all your equipment locked in your lockers.  When laundry is put out, it will be secured in your locker.  DO NOT LEAVE SHOES AND KNEE BRACES THROWN ABOUT THE LOCKER ROOM. 

Lock up your valuables. 

Do not give out your locker combination.

Equipment is never to leave the locker room with the exception of games, practices, weight room workouts, and meetings. 

Wear only New Smyrna Beach High School issued gear during practice, games and workouts.

Garbage cans are placed throughout the locker room.  USE THEM! Leftover food, food wrappers, tape and trash belong in the trashcan, not in the floor or in your lockers.  Please clean up after yourselves.

Clean off your cleats (kick off dirt) before entering the facilities after leaving the fields.

Follow the laundry memo.

All issued equipment and lockers are the property of New Smyrna Beach High School.  They are on LOAN to you.  Do not cut or alter any equipment (including practice jerseys, game jerseys, hip and tail pads, helmets, shoulder pads, etc.) Equipment room staff will make any necessary adjustments. 

Replacement policy.  If any item of issued equipment becomes worn out or torn through normal use, it may be exchanged at the equipment room. 

The locker room is our home.  Treat it as such.  Be considerate of your teammates.  Do not borrow or steal.  Missing items should be reported to the equipment manager or head coach.



In order to provide a positive learning environment for new students and students who have not met specific academic standards, the staff will offer a study hall that is available to students throughout the Fall and Spring semesters.  The purpose of study hall is not to punish students for poor academic performance. Rather, it is designed to provide students with a comfortable, interactive learning environment that will promote a high level of academic achievement and development.  Students who utilize their study hall time in an effective manner will undoubtedly make positive strides toward attaining their academic goals of passing the SAT, ACT and any
standardized state test. 

I.   Criteria for Study Hall

               A.  Freshman and Sophomores will attend Study Hall.

               B.  Juniors and Seniors will have specific guidelines that will determine if they are exempt or must attend as well.

II.  The following behaviors ARE acceptable during study hall hours:

               A.  Quiet studying of course materials.

               B.  Participation in individual or group tutorial session (in designated study areas)

               C.  Relevant computer work such as writing papers and research

III. The behaviors ARE NOT acceptable during study hall hours:

A. Reading any materials that are not directly related to course work e.g.  newspapers, magazines, etc.

B. Using computers for non academic reasons, e.g. surfing the  net, playing games, listening to music,

C. Loud talking, sleeping, or engaging in behavior that is disruptive to other students.

IV.  Library research and other types of group projects need to be completed outside of study hall hours, unless previously cleared by       Coach Hubbard.

 V.  In order to be excused from study hall, students must get approval from both Coach Hubbard.

VII. Any student who fails to complete their required study hall hours or violate study hall policies will be subject to disciplinary action. 



2.  Sit as close to the front as possible so that the teacher knows you are attending class.

3.  Be courteous to teachers.

4.  Communicate with the teacher so that you are not just another student.

5.  Hand in assignments on time.

6.  Do not all sit together in groups.  This will draw attention to you and there will be temptation to be disruptive. 

7.  Be alert and take good notes.

8.  Do not sleep in class.

9.  Do not read the paper or study for other classes.

10. Do not go to class without books and writing materials.

11. Dress properly for class.  No hats. 

Signature Page

Below is the warning placed on every helmet. It is imperative that student athletes and parents alike familiarize themselves with this warning. Here you have the opportunity to read and state your understanding of the below posted helmet warning. Also, you can
acknowledge reading the player policy manual.



Do not use this helmet to butt, ram or spear an opposing player. 
This is in violation of the football rules and can result in severe head, brain or neck injury, paralysis or death to you and possible injury

 to your opponent. There is a risk these injuries may occur as a result of accidental contact without the intent to butt, ram or spear.




Date           _________________________

Parent Signature __________________________________________

Student Athlete Signature    ______________________________________

Date          _________________________


I understand that there has to be rules and regulations for a football program to run efficiently.  I agree that these rules are fair and are in the best interest of the T.E.A.M.

I have read and completely understand the 2018-2019 players policy manual and I understand all interventions if I fail to live up to these policies.

Date           _________________________

Parent Signature     __________________________________________

Student Athlete Signature    ______________________________________

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